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Building a Bridge – and You Are Invited

When I first began this blog aimed at doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, I realize it was presumptuous. In my defense, I didn’t start it because I was trying to impose anything. I started it because a number of providers had suggested I do so.

Life got in the way – and it’s been a very long time since I last posted here. But once again, I’ve kick started it as the result of an invitation to share my point of view as a patient – but even more so as a patient who has spent a lifetime bridging communications gaps. It turns out I have something to say about improving relationships between healthcare providers and their patients that may improve outcomes for all.

This time the suggestion came a bit more formally – from Physician’s Practice Magazine.

And so I am working on building this bridge — some different twists on the concept of problem patients and what you, a provider, can do to improve your relationship with them. Or even better, how to de-problem them.

The first post appeared just a few days ago in Physician’s Practice: Problem Patients: Dealing With the Waiting Game

Additional posts will cover what to do about “Googlers”, how to deal with (lack of) honesty and modesty, and eventually, how to diffuse an angry patient.

As each of the rest are posted, I’ll add links here.

Most exciting, perhaps, is the upcoming live online chat – and you are invited to attend!  Friday, May 13 at 12 noon eastern time and it’s free. Be there or be square.  Physician’s Practice requests that you register if you plan to attend.

Hope to hear you then!


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